- fighting fraud Credit card misuse and fraud is costing the UK more than £400 million a year – and the hospitality and leisure industry is suffering as much as anyone in terms of losses. CardSafe addresses these issues and is the perfect solution to help you tackle and beat the problem. Whether you are a pub, a wine bar, a restaurant, a nightclub, a health club, a golf club, a museum or any form of business which retains customers credit cards, then our system will benefit you!
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JD Wetherspoon finds CardSafe a capital service

JD Wetherspoon is the latest major pub operator to offer its customers the benefits and security of the new CardSafe system, which offers protection to consumers who want to run a tab on their credit card.

Following a successful trial of CardSafe in 13 of its London pubs, Wetherspoon has made this simple but foolproof solution to beat the problem of credit card misuse and fraud available to all its pub managers to order.

Operations director Nathan Wall said: “All the pub managers who trialled CardSafe found it simple to use and really liked the added security it gives the customer and the pub.

“Previously, managers would accept a card to open a tab and put it into a card index box. CardSafe is a much more secure and safe system and also reduces the risk of a member of staff paying off the wrong bill.”

Nathan added: “We believe that credit card usage has increased as a result of using CardSafe.”

He said that pub managers involved in the trial said that CardSafe was a very convenient and safe way to handle cards, and that reaction from customers was 100 percent positive. “Overall, customers said they felt safer in leaving their cards and loved the peace of mind they got from the added security, ” explained Nathan.

“The system not only dramatically improves security, giving customers peace of mind, it also takes pressure and suspicion away from bar staff, and encourages people to use and spend on credit.”


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